Unique Glass Pipes

Unique glass pipes have been manufactured from time immemorial.  Having and using custom glass pipes is a thrilling experience.  With creating a smoking pipe from the process of hand made blowing process, many different unique creations can be produced.  The different and unique custom glass pipes can be as many and varied as there are creators.  It is however important to produce a glass pipe that carries out the purpose that it was created for comfortably.

Customizing pipes made of glass involves many processes, one of which being blending different color glasses into a new, unusual and creative design.  To come up with some pretty unique and custom glass pipes and with enough interest, one can research the glass blowing techniques or even take up glass blowing lessons to know how to blow glass pipe.  The classes give you a step by step guide as to how to use basic glass blowing techniques to create a unique pipe.  If there is a glass blower in the neighborhood or in the block, he or she can become a healthy source of information regarding the creation of glass ware and glass pipes.

To come up with unique glass pipes one needs to plan and envision the end product.  They need know the style of pipe that they want to design.  They also need to choose good colored glass rods to use.  The tubes and frits have to also be of good quality in order to produce an equally high quality design which is customized and unique to one’s liking.  The colors chosen should complement and blend well with each other so that it does not look so much like other custom glass pipes.  In order to ensure that the equipment used is of high quality, purchase them from a genuine and recognized dealer.

Other items required for the safe and accurate creation of a glass pipe include goggles, good gloves and other glass tools.  Once all equipment is ready to create the glass pipe, blow the glass tube from molten glass to form the style of design that is desired.  It is advisable to hold the tube carefully by using tongs.  The glass tube is shaped using graphite rods.  At this stage, apply different color glass rods to the still molten tube to create an attractive splash of color to the exterior and more visible part of the pipe.

Finally, roll the molten head into a glass frit, carefully adding color to the pipe to come up with one of the many unique glass pipes.  Then shape the bowl by the use of a graphite cone or bowl push.  Now, set the piece aside and allow the pipe cool.  To come up with a strong creation of one of the many custom glass pipes, test the pipe to affirm its structural integrity as well as good airflow.

Oct 2011
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